WHO IS MR. WAXMAN? is a novel by Barbara Browning about intimacy, loneliness, household cleaning products, e-mail, cunnilingualism and the commodity fetish.

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“I was remembering Paul and wishing he could see my butt.”

In this chapter, you’re introduced to the mysterious Mr. Waxman, and you get to hear the narrator ponder the question of what constitutes intimacy.

“He loves to sit in front of his laptop all day making things wiggle.”

This chapter is about Mary Douglas and household cleaning products. It also includes Garcia’s uncanny dream.

“Who knows what they were thinking.”

Commodity fetishism, national health care, the presidential debates, and a strangely intimate encounter with a telemarketer.

“You are what you eat.”

This chapter is about national identity, sexual metaphors, and the day we started bombing Afghanistan.

“I was nervous to send him a picture of my whole head, but I sent him some very tight close-ups of my eye, my ear and my shoulder.”

A lunar eclipse, Thelonious Monk, a crisis of sentiment, and the catastrophic results of the presidential election.

“Maybe you notice I haven’t said almost anything about my father.”

This chapter is about ways to deal with depression. It includes a strange visualization exercise from a yoga class, and advice from The Joy of Sex.

“He’s been working on a prototype with the legs detached from a Barbie.”

Here we consider the significance of thumb-sucking, and you get to hear about Garcia’s adventures working on a horror movie in Los Angeles.

“I consider ways in which I could replicate the Zen silence and the shocking aggression of 4’33”.”

This chapter is about the philosophy of non-violence. A strange character encountered at a party gives the narrator good e-mail.

“He came over last night pretty late, and made his signature egg, tortilla and bean sauce dish for me and Harry.”

Not to spoil things, but something actually happens in the last chapter. Also, you get to find out who Mr. Waxman is.


narration: Barbara Browning
artistic direction: Raul Vincent Enriquez
studio direction: Greta Byrum
the voice of Garcia: Bobby Wingood
the voice of Claude V. James: Clement V. Joseph
the voice of The Joy of Sex: Richard Schechner
musical interludes: Leo Oliveira
audio consultant: Vedran Peternel

* * *



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